• Company Income Tax Returns

    How the process works. 1. Determining whether the company has a public officer Whether your company has a public officer appointed at SARS, will determine whether you can get access to eFiling. Without access to eFiling, it is not possible to submit your tax returns. All private companies, close corporations and non profit companies need to have a registered public officer at SARS. We can assist you to appoint a public officer at SARS. This is a very important step to take for all new companies, as well as for companies that are a few years old and have never submitted tax returns. This process can take up to 21…

  • shareholder

    Why it is important to have a share certificate.

    What is the difference between a shareholder and a director? A shareholder, or shareholders owns the company. The percentage of ownership is determined by the amount of shares they own. The director, or directors are responsible for the day to day running of the company. It is important to note that a director can also be a shareholder. Who issues a share certificate? It is the responsibility of the company to issue all share certificates. CIPC does not issue share certificates. Why it is important to have a share certificate. When you have registered a private company, it is important to havea share certificate, to show that you are the…

  • share certificates for private companies

    Share certificates – R50 each

    Contact us today to get share certificates for your private company. Share certificates are not issued by CIPC, but by the company. We can assist with this process. Click here to find out more. Get your share certificates now. AndreI have over 10 years experience in dealing with CIPC, tax and accounting matters.  I have been self employed for the last 5 years.  We always strive to give customers the best advise and service possible. cipcservices.co.za

  • what is the difference between a private company and a sole proprietor

    What is the difference between a private company and a sole proprietor?

    Private company vs Sole Proprietor Ever wondered what the difference between the 2 is? Well, wonder no more!! We will explain the differences and requirements for each below. Sole Proprietor If you trade as a sole proprietor, the individual and the company is the same legal entity. The name of the company will be your own initials and surname trading as the company name. The trading name has to be registered at SARS on your personal income tax profile. A sole proprietor has to compile financial statements consisting of an income statement, balance sheet, statement of owner’s equity and notes to the financial statements. The sole proprietor does not file…