• csd registration

    Who needs to register on the central supplier database?

    All companies that wants to do business with government need to register on the central supplier database (CSD). Once a company is registered on CSD, all the companies details are monitored electronically. The info supplied on the database is also compared with information kept by other institutions, such as SARS, CIPC and the bank. The company will also receive notices off all new tenders placed by government, and the company will then have the opportunity to apply. If you want to register your company on CSD, we can assist for only R200. Please click on the link below. We will then send you an email to request the following information:…

  • CIPC services

    We offer the following services. Drop us an email if you have more question. AndreI have over 10 years experience in dealing with CIPC, tax and accounting matters.  I have been self employed for the last 5 years.  We always strive to give customers the best advise and service possible. cipcservices.co.za

  • Central supplier database – How and why?

    Why do I need to register on the central supplier database? Companies who wish to do business with the South African government, have to register their companies on the central supplier database. This is a database run by the government. What happens after I have registered my company? After registration, the company will receive a unique number. The company then has to ensure that it meets all the criteria as required on the central supplier database. This includes the tax status of the company, as well as the BEE status. Keeping your company compliant. It is then very important to ensure that your status is kept as compliant. When you…