Tax clearance

This section will explain the process we use to apply for a tax clearance.

Transferring the profile to eFiling

We use a tax practitioner efiling profile to work on clients’ tax. This means that before we can do anything, we have to request the tax profile of the client to our profile. Once we have requested the profile, SARS will send the taxpayer an email containing a link. The taxpayer then has to open the link and authorize the transfer in order to give us access to the profile.

What happens next?

SARS will only issue a tax clearance if all taxes are up to date. This means that all forms will have to be submitted, and all debt paid. As soon as we have access to the profile, we can determine whether there is anything outstanding i.t.o returns or debt, and we will advise the client. If everything is up to date, we can request a tax clearance and present it to the client.

What happens if I don’t get an email from SARS?

If you don’t receive an email, this means that the company’s contact details are not up to date at SARS. If this is the case, we will advise the client and update the contact details. Because of the amount of admin, and the fact that contact details can only be updated via an appointment with SARS, we have to charge an additional fee. We will advise the client accordingly.

What happens after I get my tax clearance?

After we have presented the tax clearance to the client, we will delete the company’s profile from our eFiling profile.


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