How does a company name reservation work??

What is a name reservation?

Before a company is registered, a name reservation has to be done. This refers to the process where the name that you want to use for the company is submitted to CIPC. CIPC then tests it against the database of registered names.

CIPC account

Once the name is approved, it is linked to your CIPC account. Every person who wishes to transact with CIPC, needs to register an account, and will receive a unique customer code.

Why is the approved name linked to my account?

The reason for this is to prevent another person to use the name that you have applied for. Therefore, the name can only be used for a company that is registered via your own account.

If you would like someone else to use the name that was approved to you, the name has to be transferred to the other person’s account. The cost of the transfer is R75 that needs to be paid to CIPC directly.

If you need assistance with the registration of your company, click here.

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