Why is it important to submit the correct information with your company’s annual return?

All private companies and close corporations have to submit annual returns to CIPC on a yearly basis. The return should be submitted during the anniversary month of the company to avoid penalties.

In order for CIPC to send you an email regarding the returns, it is important that they have your correct email address and cellphone number.

Together with the annual returns, there is additional information that needs to be submitted. Firstly, the annual turnover for the company has to be declared. Also, if the company has annual financial statements for the period in question, the details of the independent accountant has to submitted. This includes the name of the accountant and the number of the professional body they belong to.

The reason why the correct information has to be submitted, is because the information is shared between CIPC and SARS. The same information is captured on the company’s tax return at SARS, thus the reason why the information needs to correspond.

We offer the service to submit annual returns to CIPC on behalf of clients. The cost is R60 per year plus the CIPC fees. Simply click on the link below and complete your details. We will then calculate the cost and send a quote. Once the quote is accepted, we will send a link to upload your financial details.


cipc annual returns for private companies

To read more about annual returns, visit the CIPC website.