What is COIDA?

COIDA, or Workmen’s compensation as it is known, is an insurance for the employees when they are injured on duty. All companies have to register for COIDA as soon as an employee is hired.

What is a ROE?

All companies that are registered for COIDA have to submit a return of earnings to the department of labour before 31 May. This is to declare the earnings of the employees to the department. The company will then receive an invoice from the department. After the invoice is paid, a letter of good standing is issued. The premium is calculated according to the business activity of the company and the risk involved.

What is RMA?

Companies who work in the mining and metal industries have to register with Rand Mutual Assurance, and have to submit a return to them before 31 March. To find out whether you need to register at RMA, contact us for more information.

Need help with submitting your ROE?

We can assist for only R350. Simply click on the link below to get started.

COIDA ROE Submission