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Why is it important to get your admin up date.

It’s not only important to have your private company registered. It is veryimportant to have one of the directors appointed as the public officer of the private company. Without an appointed public officer, the private company can’t get access to eFiling.

People often make the mistake to not get a public officer appointed. Then when they want to apply for a contract or tender, it makes it difficult to apply for a tax clearance. The official turnaround time to have this done, is 21 business days, depending on their workload.

Other things to consider.

Other things to consider is also being registered for UIF and workman’s compensation, or COIDA as it’s known. This is not only important if you want to apply for contracts or tenders, but because it is mandatory for all private companies to comply with these government regulations.

How can we help you??

We can assist you with all the services to get your company compliant at SARS, the department of labour etc.

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beat the administrative red tape