Public officer at SARS

Whatisa public officer??

Every private company registered at SARS has to have a public appointment at SARS.

What arethe duties of a public officer??

The duties of the public officer is to ensure that the SARS profile is compliant,i.e all returns are up to date, and all debts have been paid. It is also his duty to ensure that all secretarial duties are up to date, and annual returns are updated at CIPC.

What happens if my company does not have a public officer?

If your private company does not have a public officer registered at SARS, the company will not be able to utilize eFiling, submit returns or see their tax service. By having a registered public officer, you will receive communiction from SARS i.t.o returns that need to be submitted and outstanding debt.

Can I apply for a tax clearance if there is no public officer?

Unfortunately not, in order to apply for a tax clearance, the public officer’s contact details has to be updated at SARS.

Read more about a public officer on the SARS website.

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