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What is CIPC?

CIPC is the companies and intellectual property commission. This refers to a South African Government department. Please note that we are not part of this department. We offer services related to CIPC on behalf of clients.

company taxes
  • Beneficial ownership – R250
  • Private company registration – R350
  • Non Profit company registration – R750
  • Company director Changes – R250
  • Company Address Change – R50
  • Company name change – R500
  • Tax clearance and appointment of public officer – R250
  • BEE certificate – R250
  • Annual Fees – R100 plus CIPC fees
  • Turnover tax registration – R1 000
  • Central supplier database registration – R200
  • PAYE registration – R600
  • VAT registration – R800
  • Share certificates – R50 each
  • Appoint a public officer – R250
  • COIDA Registration – R500
  • Tax exemption application – R1 000
  • COIDA ROE Submission – R350 per return
  • Business registration package – R950
  • Copy of company documents or Memorandum of incorporation

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turnaround times

Private Company Tax Returns

Beneficial Ownership

Register your Company with CIPC

Copy of Company documents or MOI

Change directors

Company Address Change

Submit annual returns to CIPC

Turnover Tax

Central Supplier database registration

Apply for a tax clearance

PAYE Registration

VAT registration

BEE certificate

Share certificates

Appoint a public officer

Non Profit Company Registration

Register for COIDA

Tax Exemption Application

COIDA ROE Submission

Business Registration Package

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how to register a privatecompany in south africa
get your company registered at cipc

How long does it take to do a company registration?

It usually takes 1 to 3 business days, unless there are delays at CIPC.

What information is required?

The following is needed to register a company with CIPC:

  • At least 3 possible company names
  • Registered address for the company
  • Email address
  • Cellphone number
  • Copy of ID document for every director
  • Director’s cellphone number
  • Director’s email address
  • Director’s physical address

What to do after the company is registered.

After the company is registered with CIPC, you will receive a company document called the COR14.3. This document must then be used to open a bank account at the bank of your choice. As soon as the company has a bank account, a public officer must be appointed at SARS. The public officer can be anyone of the directors. If the company does not have a registered public officer at SARS, you won’t be able to get an eFiling profile, which is needed to submit taxes and request a tax clearance.

Non profit companies

Non profit companies can apply at SARS for a Section18A certificate, which will exempt them from paying tax on donations received. This will also give donators a tax benefit. They can also apply at the department of social development for a NPO number.

Annual returns

All companies have to submit an annual return to CIPC every year on the anniversary of the company. The annual income then has to be declared to CIPC. If the annual returns are not submitted in time, CIPC will raise penalties and deregister the company.

Please note.

Because there are already thousands of companies registered at CIPC, it may happen that the name you prefer is already in use. When this happens, the name reservation has to be resubmitted to CIPC. Because of this, an additional R50 will be charged for every name reservation submitted.

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